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Folu Oyefeso

Skky Dental Services, Lagos

Going to the dentist comes with a lot of anxiety for me. The smell of chemicals, the sight of sharp objects and the fact that evidence of your less-than-ideal dental health will be bared for all to see, can really get to you.

Luckily for me, I don't have a sweet tooth and so I don't get many problems with my teeth; however it is still good practice to go for a check every now and then. I decided to go for a polishing and scaling session at Skky Dental Services, a boutique dental clinic at 27B Lugard Ave, Ikoyi, Lagos. My aunt had recommended them particularly because of their service and I was pleased to find that they do appointments as well as walk-ins.

I got there in the morning and the first thing I noticed was how it was set up. The clinic space is a bungalow in a green and homely compound. I had looked on their website prior to my visit and the design was done to easily accommodate older or physically challenged people. Interestingly, the concept had an extra benefit for me - it made me feel at home.

Skky Dental Serivice, a dentist in lagos
Lobby at Skky Dental

The lobby of the clinic is an open plan design. It's clean, spacious and low ambient music plays in the background, further adding to the inviting feeling.

I let the front staff know what I was here for and they spoke softly and politely while they opened a patient file for me. I was informed that there would be about a 20 minute wait for my session, and throughout the wait they checked in on me multiple times. Before long, it was time for the session and by then all feelings of nervousness were gone!

Why is scaling and polishing important?

Food particles get stuck in your teeth all the time. This build up (plaque and tartar) is premium landscape for all kinds of bacteria. These can cause anything from bad breath (*yuck) to tooth decay. Our toothbrushes don't really have the range and so it is advised to go for a scaling and polishing session twice a year.


Scaling: A scraping tool is used to remove heavy deposits of tartar and plaque, while other hand held instrument may be used to remove any stubborn deposits that remain.

Polishing: A polishing brush along with ‘special toothpaste’ is used to remove stains and to smoothen teeth surfaces. A smooth tooth surface helps to prevent easy buildup of plaque.

Dentist in Ikoyi

My doctor was very nice - she spoke in a calm and reassuring manner as she explained the procedure. She started with an examination of my face and jaw for any visible signs of damage. Before every step, she told me what would be happening next to ensure that I wasn't unpleasantly surprised at any point.

Her system was simple - "I'm going to be doing this and you are going to be feeling this..."and this must come with a lot of training and experience.

My view from the dental chair
My view from the dental chair

The entire procedure took 30-40 minutes and once again, zero cavities! My mouth had been purged from all the gunk and everything felt smooth and silky lol. So if you’re reading this and wondering whether or not to book your next dental appointment - you’re probably well overdue.

You can visit Skky Dental Services on Instagram HERE or their website HERE to book an appointment.

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