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Ijakadi L'owo Offa - A wrestling festival about strength and discipline.

Nature trekking at the Emerald Forest Reserve, Osun State

History of Sogidi Lake; Natural Conservation through African spirituality

Nigeria's Deforestation Crisis: Understanding the Urgent Need for Change

Deconstructing ‘Ibeji’, Twins in Igbo-Ora, Oyo State

Visiting the Soapstone Images: Treasures of the Esie museum, Kwara State

Unearthing Creativity: Exploring the Potentials of Clay in Dada Pottery Village, Ilorin

Visiting The Odua Museum and Hall of Fame in Cocoa House, Ibadan

Unveiling the Epic Saga: The Kiriji War - Yoruba's Longest Civil Conflict

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Hi, Folu here, and I am a Nigerian photography artist and journalist and I love to travel. My work aims to capture and celebrate the beauty, diversity, and resilience of Africa through photography and storytelling. This challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about the continent and presents a more nuanced and authentic portrayal of her landscape and her people.

Folu Oyefeso

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