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Folu Oyefeso

SBC Bakehouse and Bistro

It was a Monday morning and the mission was simple - find a quiet place for a brunch meeting that also had great food. Fortunately, I remembered a friend had left me a batch of impressive zobo-flavoured wings and fries from SBC Bakehouse and this was the perfect opportunity to try them out! It is on Gafari Animashaun Street in Victoria Island, one of the less busy streets in VI.

On getting there, we soon realised that they had more than just a bistro. In the same building was a premium fast-food restaurant, a bakery, a fine-dining area as well. The food I had tasted had come from the bistro so that was where we settled and began the meeting. Being removed from the busy traffic that Lagos is known for provides a serenity adequate for conversations.

Ambience at SBC Bakehouse

Before long, the meeting had begun to wind down as hunger started setting in. I scanned the menu and decided on the full English Breakfast (₦4,800/$12.61) because who doesn't love a good fry up for brunch?

Here is the SBC bakehouse menu, by the way.

While our meals were being made, the bartender practiced his mixology skills and so we got sent some refreshing Berry Mojitos. They came with an extra strong kick as well.

Berry Mojito from SBC Bakehouse
Berry Mojito

It's 5pm somewhere, I rationalised as the sweet cocktail cooled my throat.

My food came shortly after and I immediately started tactfully attacking it, using the slices of warm buttered toast as shovels for the rest of the plate. The tomatoes and the mushrooms were delicately roasted and you could feel the freshness when you bit into them.

Full English Breakfast from SBC bakehouse
Full English Breakfast

The eggs were so good - sunny side up, nicely seasoned with a warm runny yolk. But the stars of the show, the bacon and sausages were to die for. The salty, meaty flavour and irresistible smell can really do wonders for your morning, and they were the perfect meaty ribbons to wrap up what was already a good afternoon.

Not to be caught in a pool of regret, I had to order something to-go. I’m an intermittent faster so this was my caloric window, another rationalisation.

I decided to get the Pastrami Sandwich (₦3,800/$9.98). I had them put it in a plate so I could photograph it before they wrapped it up.

Pastrami Sandwich from SBC bakehouse
Pastrami Sandwich with a side of fries

From the cross section, I already knew that it was going to be a fire sandwich. The warm gooey cheese strings up as you bite into it, and combined with the layers of rich pastrami, leafy lettuce and juicy tomato, it's a sandwich and a half! The fries were crunchy on the outside and nicely seasoned as well.

I got to meet the Chef Sharon and she’s behind the food and we spoke for a bit. It is a family run business and you can definitely tell because the food is made with love. They emphasise freshness and procuring only the best quality ingredients the market has to offer making them stand out amongst the crowd. Definitely one of the best brunch places I have been to in Lagos.

SBC Bakehouse is also cooking up something interesting for easter - a little brunch party 🎉 so stay informed on their Instagram page. They also have a generous happy hour menu on Thursdays and Fridays.

Leave a comment if you'd love to try out their food!



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