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Folu Oyefeso

Ile Eros, Lagos

Ile Eros is a small, quaint restaurant in the heart of Lekki Phase 1 on Kafayat Abdulrasaq Street. Its got living room and dining room thing going on. The living room area serves as a waiting area, ample space and board games. The main restaurant can seat about 45 people comfortably.

The restaurant is owned by Tolu aka Chef Eros and one can tell he's a passionate chef by the way the restaurant is run and the food you are served. The service at this space was pretty good, the waiters were at your beck and call but not too imposing. Here is a link to the Ile Eros menu so you can have an idea of the prices.

Ile Eros menu
Al a carte menu

So, we got the Puff Puff Plater W/ Beef for the starter, then we got the Yaji Pasta (highly recommend) & Garlic Bread with Smoked Chicken Breast, and the Beef Short Ribs W/ Truffle Jollof 🤤

Prices are quite fair for a nice meal i'd say (as you saw from the menu above), so definitely check it out. Compliments to the chef 👍

Don't forget to call ahead on +2349096460675, and here is their INSTAGRAM page.

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