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Folu Oyefeso

Eleko Beach, Lagos

Eleko beach is a nice little stretch of beach about an hour and a half from Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. We drove there about mid-afternoon and after getting stuck in the loose sand for a bit, we finally made it. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a couple of locals who seemed very keen on catering to us. We patronised them and bought a few fresh coconuts for ₦200 (<$1) a piece. Not really a fan of coconut juice but there is always something about drinking out of a fresh one, which i like!

We then walked along the shore of the beach for a while, taking in the amazing views while dipping our feet in the cool, clear water. It was a conflicting experience in terms of cleanliness as the area closer to the water was quite clean, while there was a significant amount of trash further inland. The sandy shores were teeming with life and I was quite surprised at the ghost crab population that existed there.

After working up a thirst by walking around in 30 degree weather, we bought some cold beers and relaxed inside one of the numerous thatched platforms that were available. We then made our way towards what seemed like the party section of the beach. There were people of all ages having a jolly time, horseback riding, local bars with the regular selection of herbal alcohols, music, etc.

Due to the fact that this area is quite remote, there is not much development in the area. They do not get a lot of traffic, besides the people localised to the region, so commerce is yet to pick up. But that axis of Lekki is one of the fastest developing ones in Africa and give or take a few years, it will become quite popular. So, if you are looking for a clean, not so chaotic beach in that axis, you should definitely check it out. Make sure you support the local communities as well!

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