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Toasties by Biscuitboneblog

It was another Satufrituesday and my roommates and I were looking for a tasty, low effort meal. Seemed like a good time to try out Toasties for the first time, so we did! Once the pandemic is over, you can go to the shop at 113 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It was delivered in a brown paper bag and each item came in a neat cardboard box. I suspected that they had an eco-friendly disposition and was glad to confirm this on their website #SaveOurOceans.

Tiny holes on the boxes keep your sandwich from getting soggy without getting cold quickly.

We ordered 3 toasties; Steak and Egg, Patty Melt, Chicken BBQ, and a batch of Korean BBQ wings. The steak and egg toastie had feta cheese, tatashe, tomatoes, caramelized onions and pesto in between warm crunchy bread. The flavors work very well together, with hints of tatashe for some added heat, definitely recommend if you're a meat lover.

The Chicken BBQ had goat cheese, caramelized onions, honey and date jam, mint. Not a bad sandwich, good if you've got a sweet tooth - I, not so much.

The Patty Melt consisted of a beef patty , caramelized onions, pickles, gruyere and gouda cheeses. The richness and saltiness of the melted cheeses inside the bread was a delicious combination, an excellent flavour profile.

The wings come in a batch of 5 and are sweet and savory. I could tell they took time out to marinate the wings because the brown sugar/soy sauce flavors were well infused into the meat and this works well with the nutty notes from the sesame seeds.

The menu is fun - playful text, well spaced and neat, I will leave a link to it HERE. They aren't afraid to infuse flavours from Nigerian cuisine and I applaud that.

A toasty can cost anywhere from N2,300 - N3,400 ($5.95 - $8.80), decently priced for a nice sandwich. You can opt for a cabbage wrap if you want a healthier option or just build your own toastie.

Right now, you can only pick up or have it delivered and their numbers are +234 908 016 1647 or +234 817 088 6449. They have a variety of things you can drool about on their instagram HERE 🤤

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Apr 16, 2020

Those look delicious


The patty melt and wings looked so good and made me hungry 😩😭 too bad I’m in 🇺🇸


You’ve said it all. Guess the only thing left to say is, Toasties‘ one of my favs.


They’ve got very good food. Packaging is top class


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