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Folu Oyefeso

Dodo pizza, Lagos

If I am going to eat pizza, it better be some good pizza! I have a radical relationship with dairy products but the thought of rich cheese overrides that more often than it should.

The lads and I were hanging out on a Sunday afternoon and the munchies had set in. We decided to share some pizza from the new pizza franchis, Dodo pizza. They’ve recently made a splash on the scene, so we went to the one on Admiralty Way.

This branch has indoor and outdoor seating but it was a hot day and there was no way we were sitting outside. The staff seemed shy, almost like they had no confidence in the food but they were polite nonetheless. I've put the menu down below so you can have an idea of what you want before you go. It took me a while to decide...

Dodo pizza menu
Dodo pizza menu

We initially settled on 2 large pizzas, but the waitress suggested we do one of their promotions - buy 2 large pizzas and get a 3rd for free. Way better value for the same price and so I am happy she pointed that out. The total bill was around ₦10,000, including drinks.

The final order was 3 large pizzas - a Meaty overload and a Cheeseburger on thin crusts and a Dodo supreme pizza on a regular crust. The entire order took about 15 minutes to get ready, pretty good.

The meaty overload pizza was very tasty. The crust was perfect, and had just the right amount of crispiness on the edges. The thin crust really gives more room for the toppings to shine, and shine they did! The cheese was rich and stringy and you can see the dark spots from where it had bubbled up nicely in the oven.

Meaty Overload Pizza from Dodo pizza
Meaty Overload Pizza

The meat was fresh and bursting with juices and after 2 slices each, we had to remind ourselves that we needed to save space for the rest of the pies.

We moved on to the Cheeseburger pizza and this was an interesting one. It was less tomato based than your regular pizza and I saw from the menu that it had 2 cheeses (cheddar and mozzarella) and mayonnaise. This gave the pizza a creamier and richer taste and definitely my favorite so far, both visually and flavor wise.

Cheeseburger pizza from Dodo pizza
Cheeseburger pizza

Lastly we got to the Dodo Supreme pizza and it felt like another pineapple on pizza experiment. Some people simply love it and I'm not one of those people. I do believe I could like it if there was more balance in the flavor profile.

The plantain and the sweet chilli sauce combo were way too sweet for me so I suggest using a less sweet sauce or/and a sharper cheese. We got this one on regular crust which was a mistake, so that didn't help matters.

The lads were inclined to agree as well, it was simply too sweet and our attention quickly turned back to the previous two pizzas.

Overall, I think this franchise makes great pizza, and will definitely give Dominoes and the others a run for their money. The ingredients seem way more fresh and it tastes a lot less processed than its competitors so definitely try them out.

Also, big big shoutout to whoever designed the boxes. I hope you are getting your coins!


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The pizza with plantain sounds interesting. Will love to try that. Restaurant looks very nice and what to say about the pizzas ! Looks yummy!!


Etan O
Etan O
Sep 20, 2021

The meaty overload is right up my street, a must try for this week! Thanks for you consistently excellent reviews and posts.


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