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Lowcol Naija

I have a very (un)healthy obsession with street food. I love the idea of picking up delicious and inexpensive treats on the busy roadside and Lowcol is great for satisfying that aspect of my life. It's a food truck, so you can only order for pick up and delivery only and is located on Admiralty way, Lekki phase 1, in front of The Place.

The menu is great, there aren't too many items on it and this makes the ordering process easy. It's much better to focus on a few items and do them well. I ordered their Ewa Agonyin and Plantain (₦700/$1.81), Agege bread and Akara (₦600/$1.55) and an ice cold Kunu (₦500/$1.29).

The Ewa Agonyin came hot in a nice newspaper inspired takeaway box which I thought was very clever - for the street vibe. The black eyed beans were cooked very soft and the flavour is very light, almost on the verge of creamy. The sauce is a rich, oily blend of onions, peppers, palm oil, etc and packs a flavourful punch. When you combine them with the soft plantains, it's like the power rangers teaming up in your mouth!

After this, you are either ready to take on the world or take a nap, because it really fills you up! I had to keep eating however, I had to make sacrifices for the people. So next I sampled the Agege bread and Akara. It's a medium sized loaf of fresh toasted bread with hot Akara (Deep fried bean cakes) inside it and this is something scientists need to study.

The Akara was perfectly cooked, crispy and golden brown on the outside for a light crunch and the inside was savoury and bouncy. The trick is to smush the sandwich so that you can take bites out of it and in this process, the flavour-packed grease gets soaked into the bread for moist mouthfuls. I washed it down with a cold bottle of Kunu - a popular Nigerian drink (mostly Northern), made from corn/millet/sorghum.

As you guys can already tell, I love the food here. It's great to see some brands doing proper street at street food prices. Ewa Agonyin that is more than ₦1500/$3.88 can never digest well in my stomach. I would suggest ordering ahead on Whatsapp, if you don't like to wait and you can check out their instagram page HERE.

Leave a comment, like, share and let me know what you think when you try them out!


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Samie Lawal
Samie Lawal
30 de out. de 2020

I agree! Food there is really good. Great post! 👏🏾

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