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Dirty Buns by Kewa's Kitchen

It had been a while since I had a decent burger, so when I saw that Kewa's Kitchen was doing a burger pop-up, it seemed like a good time to get one. I had made a mental note to try out something from their menu after seeing their instagram and salivating more times than I am ashamed to say.

Ordering was very smooth and I really liked the design and layout of the website. It's quite a pricy menu but it's feel-good food. Every page was simple and clear, pictures were crisp and made the burgers look all the more mouth-watering. I was pleased to see the Wecyclers partnership on the site - I really love that more businesses are seeing the importance of recycling and sustainability.

I ordered the Big Bird burger (₦3,500/$9.08) and a side of Parmesan fries(₦2,000/$5.19) to be delivered(₦1,000/$2.59) the next day, so you have to plan ahead for that. Delivery was scheduled between 1pm and 4pm the next day, so its still a bit difficult to plan around. All the packaging was paper - biodegradable and of zero detriment to the environment. It also comes with reheating instructions.

I loved the burger! The brioche bun was lightly toasted so it didn't get soggy from the spicy mayo sauce (which was f***ing delicious - creamy and spicy). I would have liked a healthier layer of lettuce and pickles, some greens to balance the calorie load. Naturally the star of the show was the buttermilk fried chicken. The batter was crunchy and tender at the same time, the thing was like jazz (magic). It was pleasantly seasoned as well, lighter than the average fried chicken, which worked excellently with the spicy mayo. The patty was THIQQQ, but I can't say I was mad at it.

The fries (wedges) had a healthy dusting of Parmesan but the problem I had was that parmesan has a very light flavour to it and I prefer my potatoes bold (almost daring) with the salt. They were also soggy when I got them, so i'd advise that if you order fries, try to pick them up to guarantee freshness.

Will definitely be trying out the rest of the menu, I hear their Udon noodles and Bao buns are fire, so those are next. Check out their instagram HERE.

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4 commentaires

Looks very mouthwatering.


Added to my go to places! Lovely write up. I agree with you on adding veggies. It’s all about balance ☺️


Nice write up......but all these no description for just Burger and fries uhn😀.... Very catchy....and yum yum🤤


Yummy!!! Are they in Ibadan too?


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