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Folu Oyefeso

Jaya's Cravings, Lagos

I got sent some dessert samples from Jaya's cravings - a budding dessert and confectionery brand. I did some research (mostly instagram) and I quite enjoyed the aesthetic; very clean and product focused. Look at the beautiful cross section of the cake in the menus below:

Now, I don't really have a sweet tooth but I do enjoy a good baked item every now and then. So, I got a slice of the Chocolate Goodness cake and a chocolate chip cookie.

I like how the desserts are delivered, a simple paper bag with a clean design. I however did not like the individual plastic wrappings each treat came in, it was a sticky unwrapping experience. I would suggest using miniature branded boxes instead, as these could give customers less hassle and improve the overall aesthetic of the brand.

The Chocolate Goodness Cake was very well made. It was filled with a rich buttercream and salted caramel mix that compliments the rich chocolate cake. The overall result was an exciting burst of flavors that harmonised perfectly.

The cookie was a very nice balance between salty and sweet also. Its cracks seemed like an invitation to break it in half and revealed a generous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Jaya's cravings seems to cater to the taste buds of people who enjoy tasty treats but don't like being overloaded with sugar. The use of salt and salted condiments results in unique and delectable treats and I will definitely be back for more cookies!

Check out their instagram page HERE to place an order.

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Femi Adejuwon
Femi Adejuwon
Aug 19, 2020

Type 2 DM never looked so good :D


Looks absolutely scrumptious. Great blog


May 22, 2020

That looks good AF 🥴


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