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Fregz A Porter

I had been looking forward to this one since I learned that Chef Fregz was working on a new menu for us "brokies", shoutout to Covid 19. Imagine being able to eat good and also pay rent, I'm here for it!

With 7 items on the menu, you'd think picking what I wanted would have been an easy task. My curious palette wanted to taste everything, but I had to respect the powers that be (my bank account).

We eventually ordered the Duduke Jollof Rice X Cajun Turkey Wing and the All American Pork Ribs with Smoked Mac n Cheese.

First thing I noticed on delivery was the weight of the package, it felt like healthy portions from the onset. The food came in a brown paper bag, neatly packed into these fun cardboard containers. That "suya na BBQ" needs to be put on a shirt 😂!

The Duduke Jollof Rice screamed "Party"... for my eyes, my nose and my taste buds. The smokey jollof smell mixed with the aroma of fresh herbs was a welcome note to my senses. The Cajun Turkey wing was nicely seasoned and had a bit of heat - not enough to make you look bad on a date however.

The Macaroni was cooked just right. Soft so it fused with the creamy cheese in your mouth and firm enough so it stayed on your fork with no issue. There was also a pretty nice crusty to gooey cheese ratio. The glaze from the Pork Ribs had also seeped into the macaroni, adding sweetness to the noodles. The pork ribs were tender and easily slipped off the bones, allowing you to take fatty bites of flavor that melt in your mouth.

This was definitely a feel good meal, the ingredients, presentation and flavor profiles were carefully thought out. I also liked that there was enough food to be saved for a snack afterwards. I would prefer bigger packaging however, it got a bit clumsy to navigate inside the cardboard box. I would also suggest they be made out of something else because the boxes get soggy and don’t latch well when moist (especially when you’ll most likely be saving it for seconds).

HOW TO ORDER Call or WhatsApp Tayo on +234 805 566 7799, he will sort you out.

Leave a comment if you have tried the food or you want to!


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