Plenty to say, Ilorin

Inspired by Spires, Offa

Bower's Tower, Ibadan

Isolated fisherman, Abuja

Stone walls and corridors

The African Crowned Crane

If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander

Kids next door, Abuja

Mobolaji Johnson Train Station

Shapes and Textures, Cultural Center, Ibadan

Commerce in Beere market, Ibadan

Abandoned Glasshouse, University of Ibadan

Into the wilderness, Osun State

South Western Courtyard, Ibadan

Geometric overload, Ibadan

Priest in Priory, Ibadan

Sepia Lakescape, Ibadan

Clock Tower, University of Ibadan

Broking House, Ibadan

The infamous broking house is a popular landmark in the city of Ibadan. For when it was built and even now, it is an architectural masterpiece that has stood the test of time. It has a stunning yellow hue in its reflective windows and on this day, they perfectly captured the clouds in the sky.

Hikers on the Hill, Abuja

Hiking is a popular past time in Abuja, especially on weekends. My friends and I had hiked one of the numerous hills and we came across an exercising group. The composition of the photograph was perfect!

Everybody eats

Abuja was an amazing visit for my camera and I. While visiting the national mosque, I saw this man feeding a group of stray cats. It was such a simple gesture and it filled me with warmth.

Friends like Family

On a beach trip, I came across a group of boys who were playing football. They were local to the area and they displayed such familiarity with each other that it made me remember the gift of friendship which I was so blessed with.

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