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Lunch w/Chef Fregz

So I met up with Gbubemi Fregene, popularly known as Chef Fregz for a late lunch. For those that don't know, he is a professional private chef and culinary enthusiast.

We (I provided moral support) decided to make some Linguine Pasta with a Creamy Ragu sauce base and Grilled Chicken Breasts. Fresh pasta is preferable because it cooks faster and binds to sauces a lot better than store bought pasta.

For our protein, we made a few cuts along the breasts (this helps with spice distribution and to evenly cook), spiced them up and seared before re-spicing and returning it to the pan to cook all the way through. Look at those sexy grill marks!

Once the pasta was cooked slightly firmer than you would eat it, we drained most of the pasta water, leaving just a little bit left to help bind the sauce to the noodles. Chef Fregz makes his own creamy Ragu, a meat based sauce with acidic notes from the tomato blend its made with. These were cooked together until well coated on the noodles.

Once this was cooked nicely, it was time to plate and garnish with fresh herbs (Dill, Basil and Chives) from the garden.

Pasta was gently rolled into a deep dish, chicken breast sliced and stacked neatly on top, and fresh herbs gently sliced (not bruised) for garnishing. Finished product below, absolutely delicious!

Chef Fregz has plans to open a fine dining restaurant later this year, an extension of himself and his culinary vision. In his own words, "something that is a reflection of his sexy side". Emphasis on sourcing the highest quality and freshest ingredients locally, with an adequately diverse menu in a very simple space, with muted pops of sophistication - elements that will make the dining experience very interesting.

Fun facts from Chef Fregz

  • He dies for Jollof Rice

  • He is a Moi-Moi purist. No eggs, fish, corned beef, etc. Must be cooked in leaves!

  • Chicken Republic chicken is an unrecognised national treasure

Check out @fregzaporter on instagram for parties, after parties, affordable catering and Chef Fregz in events for canapés and fine dining experiences.

Cheeky link to his CNN African voices feature HERE.

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Making me hungry..i need a good pasta like this


Way to make me hungry😩.. Great post though!


Mar 03, 2020

Very lovely blog my G. I was salivating all through

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