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Folu Oyefeso

Landmark Beach, Lagos

My friend was visting from Abuja and he had been craving a beach day. He grew up in Lagos and had been missing the island life. The sand between his toes and sprays from the ocean are something one should not live without.

Before the lockdown, I had heard there were going to be interesting developments at Landmark beach. Rumour had it that there were plans to turn the entire stretch of beach into an all-inclusive waterfront experience with vendors of all kinds, activities and entertainment, like they have at Venice beach or Miami beach.

Art murals at Landmark beach, lagos
Murals at Landmark Beach

The Landmark beach gate fee is around ₦3,000 ($7.87) per person and they were easily booked online on the landmark beach website. An email confirmation was sent and this enabled us to receive access bands which got us past security, a very tidy process.

The beach is huge, but thankfully they have tricycles that take you around. Even with this, it was still difficult to pinpoint where the rest of the party was. I wish they could split the area into zones so it makes finding ourselves easier.

Tricycle services at the beach
Tricycle services at the beach

We decided to rent a picnic table (seats 4) for 2,000 ($5.07) because after some quick maths, it made the most sense to us. We were 5 and renting a cabana (which seats 8) would have cost 25,000 ($63.35) and the lounge chairs (which seats 1), cost ₦3,000 ($7.87).

cleanest beach in lagos
Beautiful skies during sunset

The beach is really stunning - most likely the cleanest beach in Lagos. The white sand, the calm water and the skyline that looks like it could have been painted was very calming. It wasn't overly windy but there was a nice, cool breeze. It constantly blew the waves and made them slap the shores in the most inviting manner. You can enjoy the serenity of the ocean sounds, but we also brought our own speakers when that got old.

We had quite a jolly time and this didn't seem to slow down even when the sun went down. Landmark is open till 10pm and because it's so secure, people keep the party going till late - and if you thought the daytime was surreal, you should see the beach at night.

Landmark beach lagos at night
A stretch of lit up cabanas, perfect for evening/night beach experiences

Jellyfish installation

We had begun to get hungry at this point so we ordered some suya ₦4,500 ($11.80) and plantain ₦1,500 ($3.93) from one of the vendors. This was the only disappointment of the day, take a look for yourself. I find the pricing very obscure and the food wasn't even special.

We moved on quickly from the meal and walked around a bit till we came across giant jenga, limbo and tic-tac-toe. If you know, they're the most fun played inebriated and that was how we capped off our almost perfect beach day.

Land mark Beach has a myriad of activities like volleyball, paintball, jet skiing so here is a list of all that. I really like the idea of going to a beach where everything is available for you including free wifi. It beats having to carry stuff, however I feel like the pricing of the food and activities are way too steep.

Check out their Instagram account HERE, don't forget to comment and share!


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Maggie's Memoir
Maggie's Memoir
Aug 01, 2022

I have visited this beach too. Though its stunning as you say. It is quite pricey. So, It is not a beach to visit on a budget.


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