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Folu Oyefeso

The Kofe club, Lagos

It was quite the busy day, but we were able to squeeze out an hour for a cheeky lunch date and we decided to visit the Kofe club. It is on The Rock Drive, at the Trocadero Square, in Lekki Phase I, right next to Filmhouse cinema. It was a nice day, sunny and bright - perfect for an iced coffee and a snack.

The Kofe club is a very nice space. It is a well designed, spacious 2-floor coffee shop and I quite like the modern Nigerian minimalistic touches in the furniture and decorations. There is so much elegance in the dainty simplicity of it. The large glass windows on each floor let ample light enter the shop, making it very vibrant and "Instagrammable".

The ambience is definitely an escape from the busy Lekki streets we are accustomed to. It's a few floors up so you don't really hear the hustle bustle below. There was soft jazz and ambient beats playing, which further adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Seems like a great place to have meetings, bring your computer or just relax and read a nice book.

A lot of coffee shops feel quite cramped, but not this one. There is ample seating space on both floors and additional space on the terrace outside. I imagine you could catch some beautiful sunsets here, but unfortunately the weather soon turned cloudy.

The staff here are very friendly and happy to help, they make you feel welcome. We ordered the Dragged Chicken and Las Gidi Beef Steak sandwiches, which come with fries for ₦3,000 ($7.82) each and 2 small Cappuccino's, one strawberry flavoured for ₦1,000 ($2.61) each.

They aren't the cheapest sandwiches but they are definitely worth the price especially with a lot of ingredients being organically grown. I particularly liked the Las Gidi Beef Steak, just look at that molten cheese!

I was worried that one sandwich and fries wouldn't fill me up but I was quite wrong, even had to recruit some help with the fries. The coffees were great, very refreshing, especially for the caffeine junkies like me and I was pleased to learn that it is grown and processed locally.

If you're looking for a quiet space that feels like a home away from home in Lekki, I recommend checking out the Kofe club. Good food, peaceful ambience and the smell of roasted coffee beans, what more could you ask for?

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Sounds like a place I will definitely be visiting when I come to Lagos. Great!


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