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Folu Oyefeso

Kingfisher, Lagos

The lads and I were looking for a quiet place to relax and catch a nice sunset. We decided to try out Kingfisher Africa, because neither of us had been there before. It's a nice little outdoors seafood restaurant with an excellent view of the lagoon at No 1, Wole Olateju Street, Lekki - inside the Marco Polo compound.

Parking isn't the best but we were able to find a decent spot, then we settled at a table right by the water. The sun was just beginning to set and it cast it's golden reflection against the water giving the most stunning views. The lighting was amazing for photos and we spent 10 minutes doing the most but it was worth it.

The entire space is outdoors and tables have decent space between them. There is more than adequate shade from the umbrellas and palm trees, painting a beautiful picture of a tropical beach getaway. The cool breeze was amazing and did wonders to suppress the heat; i'd advice bringing a scarf or sweater if you go at night and get cold easily. The music was turned low, just enough for you to hear it so it's great for conversation and catching up.

I ordered a cold bottle of Trophy beer for ₦1,000 ($2.62) and pasta carbonara ₦3,200 ($8.39). The pasta seemed more like an Alfredo than a carbonara because it was creamy. The bacon could have been a bit crispier and something green to garnish the dish would have been a nice touch, but it tasted very good all the same.

Pasta Carbonara at Kingfisher
Pasta Carbonara at Kingfisher

I loved the sprigs of fresh rosemary in the dish, they added a light peppery tingle. Perfectly cooked spaghetti in a rich, creamy sauce is hard to dislike. The food is fairly priced for the quality and the ambience.

It also starts to get crowded later on into the evening, so if you'd like a more toned down experience, i'd advise an early evening visit, especially because the service gets pretty slow when they get crowded.

Some more friends joined us, and so did a tequila bottle and as you can imagine, it became even more of a jolly time. I would definitely be revisiting Kingfisher Africa especially to try a more seafood dish - they looked amazing as waiters walked past with them.

Check out their instagram HERE and leave a comment if you've been or want to go there.



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