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Frozen rolls - hand-rolled ice cream in Lagos

Getting some ice cream is never a bad idea if you live in Lagos. It's constantly hot, humid and you've probably just argued with about 7 people in traffic. Everything is pretty heated here and ice cream is a lot of people's go-to for a fun, sweet way to cool off.

My friend and I decided to check out Frozen Rolls; an ice cream parlour in Lekki (7 Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Off Admiralty Way). They serve rolled out ice cream and have an extensive array flavours and toppings to customise with. As you guys know, I'm not the biggest fan of sweet things, but creamy ice cream can sometimes get an exception especially when there's good company involved.

Frozen Rolls has a significantly stacked menu, they really went for the "kid in a candy store" vibe. It's not an easy choice picking what flavour of ice cream you want, not to talk of the hundreds of toppings you can mix and match with.

After some deliberation, I eventually picked from their alcohol menu and got the vanilla bourbon. My friend, who's more of a sweet tooth, went with the Tiramisu choice with some toppings. The Vanilla Bourbon cost ₦2,300 and the Tiramisu cost ₦2,500 so it's significantly cheaper than many other options.

The process of making the ice cream bowls is quite interesting so I thought i'd run through it:

  1. Sweetened whole milk is poured on a very cold tray along with the dry ingredients

  2. The scrapers are used to mash up the mixture until it's even and smooth

  3. The mixture is then spread flat and thin on the cold tray and then carefully scraped off.

  4. The rolls are arranged in a cup and then toppings are added


Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream from frozen rolls
Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream

The ice cream is great! My Vanilla bourbon was such a creamy texture and it delightfully melted in my mouth. The hints of bourbon whiskey were my favourite part; apart from the slight buzz, it made the cup smell wonderful. It wasn't overly sweet so I enjoyed it quite a lot, and the crunch from the crushed almonds was a wonderful touch.

Tiramisu Ice Cream from frozen rolls
Tiramisu Ice Cream

The Tiramisu was a more complex flavour but it worked! As usual, rich and creamy but with hints of coffee in it. She had hers bombarded with white chocolate chips, whipped cream and chocolate syrup, so every mouthful was a sugary explosion.

Frozen Rolls has a colourful little space and I had a fun time catching up; the gist was sweet but the ice cream was sweeter. So if you're looking for something casual and fun, this is a great choice; definitely worth the pain of being lactose intolerant.

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