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Folu Oyefeso

Bowers tower, Ibadan

Bowers tower is a historical landmark in Ibadan. It is a 60-foot tower that was built in 1936 in honour of Captain Robert Lister Bower - the first british resident in Nigeria. He was appointed by Queen Elizabeth in 1893 to oversee and put an end to the wars between the different Yoruba kingdoms. It rests at the top of the "Oke Are" hill and gives a stunning 360 degree view of the landscape.

I reached out to a couple of friends, they were interested and so we headed out. We were coming from Jericho so the entire trip took only about 15 minutes. It wasn’t difficult to find, google maps has your back and once you're close, you can already spot the tower from a distance. We parked at the bottom of the hill and took a short hike to the top. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because I had to learn the hard way

Bowers tower, Ibadan
Bowers tower

The area is a popular religious site; there are multiple churches and groups of people praying, so remember to be mindful and respectful of this. We found our way to the tower grounds and the history practically reverberated through my feet. It's been run down over the years as there isn't much support from the government, but the dilapidation was strangely charming. After-all, it’s been here for almost 90 years.

Tower grounds, overlooking the city
Tower grounds, overlooking the city

The air was crisp because of the altitude and so we had a refreshing sit-down with the caretaker, Mr Samuel Adebayo who gave us a crash course! He explained that the top of the tower is the highest point in the state and it also marks its geographical centre as well.

Google maps view showing the towers location
Google maps view showing the towers location

Mr Adebayo showing us interesting parts of the structures architecture

The tower itself is in good shape. The concrete walls have stood the test of time and the terracotta colour was brilliant against the blue sky. The tower isn't very spacious on the inside, so you have to climb carefully with your hands and knees to get to the top.

The view is definitely worth it though. Depending on how good your eyesight is, you can spot a number of landmarks like the University College Hospital (UCH), University of Ibadan, Cocoa House, Dugbe Market, Agodi Gardens and lots more. Just being there made me feel grand, literally the best seat in the south west.

View from the top of Bowers tower
View from the top of the tower

It was definitely a fun experience, once again I’m not sure why I grew up in a city and never came here, but better late than never.

We paid ₦500 each to come here and tipped the guy who led us to the grounds ₦200, so it’s definitely a bargain. Don’t forget to comment and share!


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