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Vestar Coffee, Lagos

I have always been a fan of coffee shops. Quaint and cozy spaces with a plethora of aromas and flavours to excite your senses while you disappear into a novel or work on your laptop. Today, I had a coffee craving (as most caffeine addicts might understand) and decided to go to Vestar Coffee for my crack. They have two branches in Lagos, one in Victoria Island at Number 26A Ojuolobun Street and one at the Upbeat Center on Admiralty Road in Lekki Phase 1, so I went to the latter.

Vestar’s space is nice and clean with a lot of decent lighting from their large windows and you can even see the Lagos lagoon in the distance. It is a quiet spot and quite a few young professionals go there to get work done, so you might want to just pop in for a coffee and leave because the seating arrangements fit into the quaintness I mentioned earlier. I also love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans and warm pastries! Soft jazz is played in the background which is great for relaxing or concentrating.

Their menu has got an adequate selection of hot/cold beverages that you can get in four cup sizes and I have inserted a picture of their below.

The menu at Vestar coffee, Lekki
Vestar Coffee menu

I ordered a Mini Iced Coffee (N750/$2.05) and a Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich (N1000/$2.73). Nothing like warm, mild and creamy cheese with ham and crunchy bell peppers to get your day started 🤤

The service is pretty good, it just needs to be sped up a bit. To avoid that watered down coffee taste in their iced coffees, they need to look into their coffee making process. Seems like they let the brew sit a bit too long.

Overall, I really like Vestar Coffee and if you are looking for a place to get your brews or a place to get some work done, I definitely recommend.

Here are links to their INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

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That sandwich looks divineeee


I could smell the coffee just reading this.

I visited the cafe after reading your post and I must say the coffee was really good.


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